Why Moldova???

Ken Ross, a renowned wine taster, sums it up when he first discovered wines from Moldova in the UK.

“Moldova might not be the first – or even the fifth – place you think about when you think about world famous wine growing regions. To be honest, Moldova’s not a place I normally think about at all for any reason.”

Even researching (otherwise known as Googling) Moldova and famous people from this landlocked, former Soviet republic wedged between Romania and Ukraine didn’t ring any bells either.

Actress Silvia Busuioc?

Writer Vasile Vasilache?

And while the band O-Zone might be big in Moldova, I think it’s fair to say most Americans have never rocked out to “Dragostea Din Tei.” That’s why I was so intrigued when I came across several wines from Moldova for sale in Provisions in Northampton.

And even better, all of the wines cost less than $15 a bottle.

But are these wines any good?

They’re better they’re good. They’re absolutely terrific and wonderfully unique. Below, is a link to our wines from Moldova.

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